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 No Texas did not just legalize marijuana

 Amber Rose and the LA strip club 


 Free the Nipple wins


 Mayor of Mexico City borough demonstrates to crowd how to put on a condom...using her mouth (video NSFW)


 Corpus opening a new Starbucks at Weber & Saratoga; McAllen gets new Dave & Busters; Austin opening new after hours club Foxy's Cabaret; and the hottest new Latin themed gentlemen's club opens in Dallas, visit Club Dulce

 We're expecting!


 And in porn news...

  One of the best Party Recovery Drinks

  Holiday Sex Do's and Don'ts

  The Businessman who slipped and fell into woman's vagina


local "newspaper" Caller-Times sold, again

Priest suspended for cake sitting porn with school principal

McDonald's Goddess

J.J. Watt and Manning bros bring back Gatorade with sweat

Welcome to the #SummerOfLust

Lots of legal news to start the week, including shooting of a local judge

Thank you #LifeInColor

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Twin Peaks Waco facing more troubles after big shoot out: Corpus location still taking applications


Two years is never too late for revenge

Sterling's wife get her revenge

Data leak reveals WWE city ratings, the good news is Corpus got a B+

Another day another Kylie Jenner viral photo or two...

Lingerie football player vs. Hollywood investor

'Dating Naked' show lawsuit, who won? We have the photos

50 Shades of Grey drives women to porn

Women's magazines really get into sex for the holidays

Corpus attorney arrested for solicitation of murder

Gannett Corp, parent of Kiii tv 3, splits in two

Whatafries are made where?

Join Scout Willis and #FreeTheNipple

Is $40 too much to enjoy 24"?

Are those nipple covers?

Busty Camerella #boobquake for Seahawks photo

Watch a couple Playboy bunnies teach you how to wax your skis. Enjoy!

Miami to have Florida's first 24 hour nightclub

Hello Canada! Prostitution a go...

One for the girls, one for the guys...Joe Boxer hunks play Jingle Bells with their junk; Justin Beiber has a house party of naked girls

British e-cigarette company makes sure their commercial complies with ad standards...And guys we think your going to like it

Government employee makes claim for benefits after being injured having sex

University rowing team strips for charity (photos NSFW)

Software company's big strip club bill

the "breastaurant" waitresses featured on MTV show get "outfits" banned (Photos NSFW)

50 Shades of Sears? No just grandma's bondage clothes (photos NSFW)

Tyga get sued for $10 million for boobs in music video (NSFW)

Hot summer days brings out the topless book club to the parks

First it was Cougar Life billboards, now some new billboards are claiming young women can blow off that job and instead blow...

FDA revises approval of "morning after" pill from all girls to girls 15 and up

Corpus Christi party girl got dirtied

The hottest teen model in America and a few local favorites

Judge rules for ALL teens to get "morning-after pill" over-the-counter

Complaints still flying over the failed Beach Fest sponsored by local attorney Thomas J. Henry and groups like the crush girls; was it all a big scam?

local pin-up group has photo banned from Google+ for being too hot! You be the judge, did Google overreact? Leave comments on our Facebook page

Our 361 Hotties page officially launches soon but you can submit your favorites now, your friends may be on it already, maybe even you!

Fetish models are all the rage now that Mel Gibson and Stella Mouzi confirmed their relationship. And Corpus has their own fetish/alt model group, Destructive Models, for those that are interested. In other modeling news, we will be launching 361 Hotties page soon and we are looking for those good looking girls and guys that you think are hotties, so email us the pics, web links or add us on facebook and let us know who in the 361 are the hotties people should see!