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 The Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig



 Dos Equis is Cinco Equis for Cinco de Mayo


 U. of Miami sororities




  Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery 



  Test drive & buy a car the Alibaba way 



 Travel company's naked ad




 Mexican Mayor  shows youth how to apply a condom...with her mouth




 "McDonald's Goddess"


  JJ Watt and Manning bros bring back Gatorade with sweat





  Half-naked girls playing sports

  Victoria's Secret Angels read Twas the Night before Christmas

Celebrating the 4th with a Playboy pool party 

  Suicide Girls burlesque show coming to Concrete Street in Sept. 2014

  Shakira explains the Declaration of Independence to her child


 the football twerking video

How to wax your skis

Jim Beam is turning Japanese! See news article

  Black Friday chaos around the country and Puerto Rico, mainly at Walmart stores. Send us your Black Friday photos and stories tips@361etc.com

 evolution of the Ford Mustang (launch date refers to Europe Dec. 5th, 2013)

  Joe Boxer hunks play Jingle Bells with their junk

 British e-cigarette company makes raunchy, sexual ad to comply with ad standards; two versions one without product and one with it



Twerking girl that caught fire video was all a prank by Jimmy Kimmel


 Tyga 'Make It Nasty' unedited music video (very NSFW

 finally Radio Shack adds some excitement to ads


Blue Balls Blues


Eagle grabs baby video


 Axe morning after pillow, when you just got to get away


 Evelyn Lozada of tv show Basketball Wives poses for PETA (behind the scenes video, graphic animal images)



Ghost elevator prank

Texas resident Sandra Bullock on the Chelsea Handler show



Joanna Krupa for PETA ad shoot



local Democrats attack


the lonely lettuce commercial from Kraft or as one critic puts it "Kraft salad dressing is an unfaithful slut who is up for 'Anything' ditches lettuce, swings with other foods! We like that description better!


this short clip is very strange, but then again that's the way we like it! 




  Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie trailer


Snooki does WWE