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$30 Busch Guy puzzle, win $5,000 vacation

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Pizza Hut's first meatless pizza

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Pizza Hut Cheez-it pizza

courtesy of Twitter post

Wilhelmina model Kelleth Cuthbert


Yandy's Handmaid's Tale costume


20 year old Australian virgin

 Taco Bell launching sauce flavored chips

Harry Potter RPG

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Captain Morgan

2018 Watermelon Smash

2017 LocoNut

big food news

plant-based burger patties so real they "bleed"

100% vegan burger patties sold in meat section of grocery stores

fun foods


Lingerie company holiday ads


Svedka Vodka will haunt you this Halloween

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Heineken Blade

Houston Bombshell restaurants & bars open again after hurricane Harvey


Travel company nude ad

don't worry ladies they didn't forget you

see video here


Gumption Hard Cider Citrus Freak

Amber Rose and the LA strip club


The Orthodox Priest and School Principal


"McDonald's Goddess"


Miley Cyrus, her girlfriend model Stella Maxwell and Paris Hilton sex it up in an editorial photo shoot for W magazine

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Another day another Kylie Jenner photo goes viral or in this case two, three etc.


new Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy & ex-gf Nicole


Lingerie football player vs. Hollywood investor


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'Dating Naked' show lawsuit

If you want to see the contestant's NSFW full rear view click here

Dallas ebola nurse files lawsuit


Japan store owner sells fake bombs

Taco Bell going collaboration loco

Going commando

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Jerry Jones Photo Scandal

 Here are a few NSFW examples of the Suicide Girls from their burlesque show and their Tumblr page. The closest thing we have seen to this in Corpus are the Destructive Models





for even more free boobs here is a link to their  Tumblr page and see the video

Scout Willis Instagram/Twitter fight. Join her and send us your favorite photos #FreeTheNipple


New Sin City sequel is having trouble with their movie posters...too much nudity, obviously we disagree!

Kylie Jenner no longer looks like a teen. We aren't complaining just pointing it out...

see more of her on Instagram

Oh Miley... bj for her blow-up doll at her concerts



looks like she can suck it pretty good!

Are those...It's cold around the 361 today so we thought it was a good time to share a photo we saw on Google+ the other day.

20-year-old Jen Selter signs with an agency will this be the end of all these free butt photos?


Busty Camerella #boobquake for Seahawks

Football twerk video photos

see the full video

 Jim Beam bourbon is turning Japanese! Jim Beam is selling out to the Japanese company that makes Midori liqueur read article

see the music video 'Turning Japanese' by The Vapors 

Vivid Entertainment releases a new Tila Tequila "celeb" sex tape called 'Backdoored & Squirting'




see some full nude and action shots here

Canada's Supreme Court says prostitution ok, so we figure these "ladies" are a little happier now

19 year old Justin had a house party and we guess it looked something like this



Oh no she didn't...Miley Cyrus in the news again, everyone talking about her Halloween costume after she posted photos on Instagram


Lil' Kim at 1999 VMA

A university rowing team in the U.K. strips down for charity calendar...




what South Texas area school team would you like to see make a calendar, comment on our Facebook page

Halloween costumes: good idea or messed up?


we have an idea what you're thinking  about these food related ones but visit our Facebook page to share your comments


ok this last one is a bit disturbing, it's the "little Cindy Brady"

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the "breastaurant" waitresses' "outfits" have already been banned




Carrie Underwood falls during Corpus concert. Later tweets:

 Hey, remember that time in Corpus Christi when that girl busted her butt on stage?! Hilarious! Oh wait, that was me!

I can't move my toes. Is that bad?

NSFW photos of bondage items Sears pulled from their website and items still available



The topless book club hit the parks of New York. Could you imagine a topless book club in Corpus parks? Visit our Facebook page to leave your comments. Photos are very NSFW!!



Taco Bell employee going to be in a world of hurt for this prank as company officials are vowing swift and immediate action against him

Actress Maureen McCormick aka Marsha Brady in Corpus visiting the USS Lexington museum


Bang with Friends on Facebook, no an iPhone and Android app


Teen mom Farrah Abraham reportedly got her million dollars for the release of her sex tape by Vivid Entertainment (images NSFW, click to enlarge); add to this a six figure endorsement deal




see the full unedited NSFW photos here





Arrangement Finder billboards, stars adult film star Bree Olson


 Playboy vodka coming soon from a company called VuQo, makers of the original coconut-distilled vodka; Britain's Pussy energy drink see photos below

Local party girl and apparent model got dirtied by association



Kendall Jenner, repped by Wilhelmina models, the hottest teen model in America!



Some popular Corpus Christi teen models   



the 2013 Beach Fest sponsored by local attorney Thomas J Henry and groups like the crush girls was abruptly cancelled and many people are frustrated. So much so they have been  organizing relief efforts for the bands and vendors that were left holding the bag. Leaving many to think  it may have all been a big scam

"The Big Bang Theory" star we would like to...well you get the picture 



  Miss Delaware Teen USA resigns after alleged porn video appears on internet


photo from alleged video

 Nicki Minaj tweets some hot booty pics and encourages fans to "jerk responsibly"

  Could you imagine Corpus having access to a high speed train?

 Find out more about this British energy drink in our news section




 Hollister stores "nurse-in" protesters hitting stores nationwide




 As Kim K starts to grow into motherhood let us reflect on what fond memories we have of her and the joy she brought to so many men




 and let's not forget the imitators, this was a Twitter pic that people thought was her but turned out not to be, so her people said


  Evelyn Lozada of tv show Basketball Wives poses for PETA (behind the scenes video, graphic animal images)


Could G4tv become the new Esquire channel? Reports are saying that after "Attack of the Show" was cancelled the next step is to transform G4 into the new Esquire channel to reach an older age group that still watches cable tv and a more metrosexual viewer. Will this be a turnoff for U? If the shows are anything like the magazine covers, we might just tune in! Visit our Facebook page and leave your comments.

When are high school senior photos just too much? Looking at this "real" senior photo we think we now know. You be the judge, visit our Facebook page and leave your comments.

the Facebook "boobs" photo everyone is talking about, it was removed from Facebook because they thought her elbows shown in photo were her boobs and nipples

TX. resident Sandra Bullock gets naked on the Chelsea Handler show

 see video 

Joanna Krupa ad for PETA

 see video 

new billboard ad on Sunset Blvd, CA.

former ESPN reporter and total hottie Erin Andrews joins Fox Sports



the new shoes by Adidas include "shackles" will you buy them?

We are not big fans of the "Octomom" but have to hand it to the people at Wicked Pictures for doing their thing. Next up her debut at a strip club in West Palm Beach next month. Anyone going to check her our in person or buy her porn? Let us know on our Face book page, leave your comments!

  Cobra Golf and Puma help define luxury with the Ferrari golf collection



Did Time magazine go too far with this cover?

From the CCPD, is your child a tagger?

Not the real thing, a wannabe Coke ad and yes everyone says have a Coke and a smile!

The difference between American advertising and European or Asian countries, this photo (without the edit) was actually used in an ad for Oreos but it would Never fly in America

click here to see original unedited photo (NSFW)

We believe we have the first published photo of local Flour Bluff "wolf pack" members

Our apologies, this was in fact just a recent skit on Conan O'Brien show and not the so-called "wolf pack" group


Heather Morris of tv show Glee fame leaked nude photos




to see nsfw photos


Jessica Simpson about to burst




Houston based Rick's Cabaret dancers have formed their own basketball league due to the NBA lockout. To find out more or see the girls in action visit a Rick's near you, locations also in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth. Here are some of the stars:







Mom and daughter models shoot weird ad for lingerie company



 and just in case you were creeped out by that we include the following random shots of a proper lingerie shoots! At least the guys can enjoy



Oscar de la Hoya continues cross-dressing ways



for the guys, a pretty image for your eyes!



Lindsay Lohan over the years:




see NSFW images


Gilbert High School cheerleader's breast cancer t-shirts:


John Mellencamp's divorce from Elaine Irwin is complete but after reviewing her modeling pics we are still surprised, wonder what the problem really was? This chick is HOT!



Nicki Minaj had a little oops moment last Friday on Good Morning America

see the nsfw pic

Tila over exposed while shopping in black babydoll outfit or lingerie? People don't try this at your neighborhood store


JLo in Germany, got a little too windy

see the nsfw pic


Kim K. Oh no she didn't!! What is with the outfit?


Blake Lively nude pics, is it her or is her her twin? Oh wait, she doesn't have a twin! Actress claims pictures are fake, you be the judge

to see unedited photos click here NSFW


Beyonce trying to sell albums, does it help or hurt?

movie poster going ALL OUT, "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (NSFW)


ousted Miss San Antonio Domonique Ramirez


The BEST shamrocks of St. Patrick's Day!!


Ashley Tisdale leaving the Hellcats wrap party 



Vanessa Hudgens, ya she has nude pics out again but look at her fashion



Charlie at Live Nation building in L.A.



Christina Auilera pics and she looks...well you can see




Rihanna red hot in red see thru dress at AMA




the "other woman" in Tony Parker's life



Emma Watson new boy cut haircut



Taylor Momsen, 17 year old singer, flashes crowd at concert; message to teen girls: you don't have to be like her to get attention so keep them in your shirt


Glee's Lea Michele has us ready to go back to school with her recent GQ shoot, we may have to actually start watching this show!




JWoww's Miami club look, is it Miami style or just Jersey trash? You make the call


more Glee girls, kids don't try this at home... kiss kiss video


Rihanna new music video


Glee's Lea Michele mag shoot




 Keri Russell semi nude shoot


Miley Cyrus pics



Got a funny pic of someone who had too much to drink or looks funny when they party


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