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Affair website Ashley Madison created a site back in 2009 called Arrangement Finder which has now put up a billboard near UCLA that has offended students. The implications are that female students who can't find a job and pay their bills should date a Sugar Daddy. See photos

FDA revises "Morning After" pill approval to girls 15 and up, from previous Judge's ruling for all girls (see story below)

Local party girl got dirtied by association on The Dirty website. Someone submitted photos of an unknown blonde tagged with Corpus and Dallas in which one of the photos included local party girl Jennifer. We have seen photos of her out and about drinking with friends all over Facebook. We also came across a local modeling website featuring her as a model. We have been told she has modeling photos on her Facebook page as well. The actual post on the Dirty site was about another person but it appears Jennifer gets mentioned and not in a good way of course. Some of these gossip sites can be vicious. See photos

Latina magazine is pumped up about 4/20. The celebration of smoking pot has found a new friend in Latina magazine. Their Facebook page overtly advocated the popularity of pot and smoking. Even referencing the eating of brownies and nachos.

A federal judge in New York has overruled the FDA and ordered the "morning-after pill" like Plan B to be sold over-the-counter, without a prescription to all girl of reproductive age. This means that girls under 17, as young as 11, would be able to purchase the medication with a doctor or parent's consent. Will this help reduce teen pregnancy in Corpus? Visit our Facebook page and tell us what you think.

Complaints are still showing up everywhare, especially on Facebook over the failed Beach Fest sponsored by local attorney Thomas J. Henry and groups like the crush girls held a few weeks ago. Fundraisers are happening to help bands and vendors that feel they may have been scammed by the event. Many have called it a disaster after the event was suddenly stopped on the first day. We will keep you updated. See poster

Woman knocks out power to 1,000 homes around Sante Fe and along Ocean Drive after losing control of her vehicle because of her food. Some families without power for up to 14 hours despite local news reports that power was restored shortly. More details to come.

According to our friends at EPMWG.com, Sony television is developing a new tv show based on a modern day USS Lexington. Could that mean filing here in Corpus? We can only hope so however the primary casting, we are told, will be done in L.A. and New York at least to get the project off and going. But here's hoping for some "flashback" scenes and filming on our local Lexington museum! Keep up on casting information at EPMWG.com

How would you like a high speed train having a hub in Corpus? The initial idea launched in 2009 is beginning to take shape and according to most maps/data it would make sense for Corpus to have a hub. There's also a White House petition you can sign to support the idea. Could you imagine taking a train across country to New York, Miami or LA, traveling at 220 mph? Visit our Facebook page to let us know what you think of the idea and where you would like to travel by train. See the map

Energy drinks have been in the news a lot lately as reports show a dramatic increase in ER visits. Even the U.S. Congress is getting into the act requesting more information on studies and from the drink companies. But that doesn't seem to bother one British drink maker and their energy drink called Pussy. "The drink is pure. It's your mind that's the problem" is their tagline. The drink is described as "cunningly delicious" and the remarks about this product could be endless. See photos

Hollister Co. knows how to start the New Year off right by creating a feud with every breastfeeding mother in America! Hollister, owned by Abercrombie & Fitch appears to have started a nationwide protest after kicking out a breastfeeding mom from one of its stores in Houston, TX. Now moms everywhere are up in arms and staging "nurse-in" protests at Hollister stores around the country. go to photos

Word is that Kim K's divorce is taking a nasty turn once again, well could it be that she is carrying another man's baby!! Maybe so, just maybe so. But for now let us reflect over some photos of some better times. NSFW

Popular one-hit wonder PSY has an anti-U.S. past rapping songs stating "kill those fucking Yankees" and "kill them all slowly and painfully". The now popular south Korean artist has apologized since his single "Gangnam Style" has been busting charts and helping him rake in the dough. Does this change your thoughts on PSY? Will you continue to listen and buy his music? Visit our Facebook page and leave your comments.

Dallas Cowboys facing another lawsuit, not related to recent car crash that killed a practice squad player but rather a discrimination case brought by a former employee of its merchandising unit. The lawsuit claims the former employee was discriminated against and defamed by the company spreading false accusations and rumors. Wilson vs. Dallas Cowboys Merchandising, LTD

 Florida judge says Hulk Hogan sex tape can stay on internet. The judge ruled that the website run by Gawker Media has a First Amendment right to publish the video which overrides Hogan's right to privacy.

Can't get enough strippers! Local man drives his SUV into strip club.

Jesus Silva was arrested and in county jail after driving into the side wall of The Cabaret Men's Club on Leopard. Damage estimated at $20,000. Now that's a lot of lap dances!

Survey says...budget hotels are the way to go, when you want to get away with Your Mistress! A website for married people who want to have affairs asked members where they take their significant other in the Los Angeles area. Turns out the other woman doesn't live the good life with most affairs taking place in "budget friendly" locations. Of course even in LA some of these budget spots still look pretty nice compared to what we have in Corpus. So what is your choice for the 361? Favorite hotels for affairs or favorite spots to go, Facebook us and tell us the stories you have heard!

Hey Rihanna you are too sexy, too crazy and don't represent family values so we are going to pay you Not to represent us. That's the message Rihanna got recently after she signed an endorsement deal with Nivea that has since been bought out by the company wanting to focus on family values.

Many of us recall Bayfest which takes place here in Corpus every Fall (Sept/Oct) for the most part, well it appears that Coca-Cola has received a judgment against Bayfest for a whopping $7,089.00, plus 6% interest, plus $2,000.00 in attorney fees and $322.00 in court costs. Bayfest better put on one hell of a show to pay off that debt.

 US Weekly has come out with photos appearing to show Kristen Stewart of 'Twilight' fame having an affair with her director from 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Rupert Sanders. Stewart has since issued a public apology for cheating on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, also of 'Twilight' fame. Although we ourselves never really did believe the two were a real item, this oh so public apology seems to make it very real. What is very real is the marriage Rupert Sanders is in and the public apology he has issued to his wife and children. It's just very unusual for two partied to acknowledge an affair much less issue public apologies. But we guess something has to keep their names current in the public eyes. Can anyone say DVD sales?

 Mr. Jefferson has moved on up to heaven! Actor Sherman Hemsley has passed  away. Best known for playing George Jefferson in 'The Jeffersons', lived in El Paso, TX. where he died today of natural causes. He was 74.

 In happier news it looks like a billboard on Sunset  Blvd in CA is getting some attention, the online dating site for "Cougars" has a pretty honest tagline...see photo

A shooter kills 12 people at a midnight screening of the Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Co. Along with the 12 dead 59 people were injured including a 3 month old baby and six year old child which raises the question who takes small children to midnight movies?! However Warner Bros., a Time Warner unit, issued the following statement:

"Warner Bros. is deeply saddened to learn about this shocking incident. We extend our sincere sympathies to the families and loved ones of the victims at this tragic time."

 The Democratic run-off election must be near as candidates are really starting to attack each other.  After both candidates sent out emails beating up each other one, Rose Meza Harrison has taken it a step further bringing out what the Republican contender will no doubt mention, that her opponent had a DWI arrest in 2003 that did not get a lot of attention. According to Harrison it was "undisclosed and unreported" not sure what that means but we do know the video commercial she made hits home for her opponent. See video here

 The highest paid female TV star is no longer Kim K. but rather Sofia Vergara raking in a whopping estimated $19 million over the past year. The 40 year old actress credits her hit TV show, Kmart clothing line, numerous paid endorsements and appearances in at least 3 major movies.

Canada tell strippers to stay out. The Canadian government is doing away with the Canadian Stripper Visa which allowed American stripers to enter the country for work. Club owners in Canada say the government is being a prudish while the government states it is protecting foreign workers from sexual exploitation. So the clubs and bars will have to attract more local talent, most likely going after the foreign students already in the country.

In other stripper news Rick's Cabaret, a nationwide strip club company based in Houston, is partnering with a club in Los Angeles to get a foothold in California. The new 12,000 sq ft club is currently under construction and set to open this Fall.

A bombshell drop on the Kim K divorce case, according to reports from TMZ Kim K's ex hubby    Kris H had sent text messages to his girlfriend (now his ex gf) stating Kim's infamous sex tape was all staged by her mom Kris J! Not only did momma Kris direct Kim to do the sex tape but also had her re-shoot parts that were not pretty enough! Holy cow, what a mom! Of course Kim and her family say Kris H is nuts but we will see how this all plays out shortly when his ex-gf gives a deposition for the case.

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to set aside the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules for brief or fleeting curse words and nudity meaning broadcasters won't get in trouble for what they can't control on live t.v.


The original fist pumper returns to television. Arsenio Hall has struck a deal to return to late night t.v. with his own talk show. Hall's staement today "Let's get busy...again!" Recently Hall had vowed to "come back" after winning the Trump celebrity apprentice show. The new show should debut in the fall of 2013.

 Man arrested for two DWIs in 5 days after crashing his truck three different times. Bryan Ficken age 47 crashed his truck on Ocean Drive then left the scene. The victim of that crash followed Ficken and witnessed him crash again on Airline. Police arrested him and recalled he was recently arrested for, wait for it, DWI and crashing his vehicle. He was taken to hospital for evaluation where he, wait for it, tried to escape! He was quickly arrested and now faces additional charges.

 Rodney King whose claim to fame was causing the LA riots in 1992 was found dead in a swimming pool.

 Once again our friends at New2sports.com have brought us the scoop on Ferrari teaming up with Cobra Golf and Puma to create the Ferrari golf collection. Definitely a must have for golfers. See photos here

 26 people in all were arrested at a house party on Santa Ana street, unfortunately for them no one there owned the house or had permission to be there. All but three can be named and they are:

  1. 18 year old Celine Bernal
  2. 20 yr old Alicia Friar
  3. 17 yr old Clarisa Salas
  4. 17 yr old Ricki Bailey
  5. 21 yr old Veronica Valdez
  6. 19 yr old Jaclyn Vasquez
  7. 17 yr old Miranda Trevino
  8. 21 yr old Julie-Anna Figueroa
  9. 19 yr old Jennifer Jimenez
  10. 18 yr old Joe Perez
  11. 18 yr old Joshua Moya
  12. 17 yr old Sergio Abrego
  13. 18 yr old Michael Gomez additionally charged with possession of alcohol by a minor
  14. 20 yr old Jake Carrell
  15. 17 yr old Marcus Dominguez additionally charged with possession of alcohol by a minor
  16. 17 yr old Michael Gonzalez
  17. 18 yr old Samantha Hernandez
  18. 18 yr old Crystal Mata
  19. 18 yr old Jose Nava
  20. 17 yr old Rodolfo Herrera additionally charged with possession of alcohol by a minor
  21. 20 yr old Jalen Parks additionally charged with failure to identify (provided two false names)
  22. 18 yr old Alyxandra Flores additionally charged with possession of alcohol by a minor and a municipal court warrant
  23. 18 yr old Floyd Saldana additionally charged with possession of alcohol by a minor and for Nueces County warrant for theft

Did Time magazine go too far with the latest cover? A mom standing nursing her 3 year old son, breast exposed. Will it cost them subscribers? Comment on our Facebook page and let us know what you think see cover here

You never know who will visit, reports out that Stedman Graham, Oprah's longtime boyfriend, was supposedly in Corpus yesterday and stopped by the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. It is said he liked what he saw in the museum. Speaking of "celebrities' the Kardashians just signed a big new contract for another 3 seasons of their tv show plus other ventures with E! Network.

Nude maid service Texas style, but before you little cowboys get your hopes up this service is currently being provided in Lubbock TX. Although we have been told years back Corpus did have a similar group along the lines of lingerie maids but when they clean your pipes it wasn't the bathroom sink they were talking about. Of course they got busted. Reality star Pauly D was recently sued by his former agency and turns out these "actors" do make a pretty good buck or two. At one point he was making $100,000 an episode for MTV's Jersey Shore along with a $400,000 signing bonus. The kicker is his former agency is entitled to 10% of his earnings and includes work his does after he terminated the agency's services. So for the last two seasons of Jersey Shore which is getting getting roughly $150,000 an episode plus bonuses, plus endorsements, his former agency still gets their 10%. Howard Stern loses Sirius lawsuit but don't feel too sorry for him as he has already earned over $75 Million in stock compensation from the deal plus another $25 Million from the merger with XM Radio!

What do you think, are stars overpaid? Discuss on our Facebook page.

Flour Bluff High School bully story makes top national news on MSNBC. The comments from parents and people around the country are incredible, similar to the crazies that comment on the Caller. But there's more, we believe we have located the first published photo of some "wolf pack" members, quite shocking!

Our 361 Hotties page officially launches

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Our old hangout is moving on...from downtown to southside that is...Katz21 is moving to the southside of Corpus after finding success for 10 years at it's downtown location. This coming Saturday night will be it's last downtown and it will not re-open until June at it's new location on Spohn Drive around the Saratoga and Staples area.

News reports state the father of Flour Bluff high school football player was arrested after fighting with students at anti-bullying rally. 38 year old Tommy Martin jumped out of an SUV at the anti-bullying rally and started throwing punches at both boys and girls holding the rally. However witnesses said someone threw an object at the vehicle. Mr. Martin was arrested for assault and public intoxication.

Need a job? forget your Facebook password, what's your BMI? Citizens Medical Center in Victoria will no longer hire anyone with a Body Mass Index greater than 35, meaning anyone who is 5' 8" and 230 lbs for example.

A woman by the name of Tawanya Rabb shows you what not to do when paying a fine at municipal court. located at the main C.C. Police Dept HQ. The 26 year old Rabb presented several $20 bills to pay a fine however it was obvious they were counterfeit bills. An officer was notified and Rabb was arrested, the money was confiscated as evidence and Rabb also had an outstanding warrant.

Do you know this person? CCPD subscribes to new website IDthisperson.com The site hosts images of people wanted for various crimes. People who ID someone wanted can receive a reward of $25 gift card per tip. www.IDthisperson.com

Texas prison inmates can now get your email. For only .44 cents you can email your favorite inmate and he/she will get it in one to two days (excluding weekends and holidays of course). The emails are received by the prison and printed out for the inmates.


Levi Johnston, the former boyfriend, lover and fiancé of Sarah Palin's daughter Britsol has knocked up another girl. This one fortunately is of age. A 20 year old school teacher in Alaska.


Donald Trump allows transgender contestant to continue in the Miss Universe Canada contest. Oh Canada first you continue to kill baby seals now this headache.


Corpus pin-up group and friends of ours 361pinups.com got 'dirtied' recently when national hater website 'The Dirty' featured them under the hard to find Corpus Christi section. Several of our local 'citizens' have been featured on the site including a want-to-be famous make up artist we like to call "Tattoo Girl" who was highlighted by someone swearing she did porn. However there appears to be a well known porn star with a similar name. Anyhow, a few of the  361pinup group's models were picked on anonymously (as all posts are done) by a hater that appears quite jealous of these beautiful pinups. While the pictures posted were probably not the best ones to be on the 361pinups.com website, there are 25-30 models that all look pretty sexy in their own way. All in all I'm sure traffic is picking up on the site as all news is good news to get new customers.


Jennie Garth of '90210' fame is getting divorced from husband Peter Fancinelli of 'Twilight' fame, just as she started promoting the new Keurig k-cup machine called the Vue.


Spring Break 2012 off to a rough start after club Toxic parking lot fight on Monday, 22 year old Matthew Valdez arrested, 5 min later 10 people began another fight, 22 year old John Paul Garcia arrested; also at Club Toxic a group of girls fighting and hitting each other with their high heels resulting in bloody faces, 23 year old Stacey Rosales and 20 year old Mariah Barter were arrested; a big beach fight Tuesday and drunk dude jumping out in front of police car and dancing, Joe Newhouse arrested.



Bad news for Twinkie lovers? Hostess Brands Inc has filed for bankruptcy. But fear not Wonder Bread fans, the Irving Texas based company will continue operations as it tries to cut cost and emerge once again out of bankruptcy protection. This is the second time since 2004 the company has gone under. Better buy more soon!


Looks like the C. C. Hammerheads are having more trouble than just low attendance, a company by the name of Antares Staging and Riggins Inc. has filed against them in small claims court. Antares also filed a claim against True Sacrifice Christian Music Ministry.


Corpus makes national news again, unfortunately for the same old thing, abused hunting dog rescued by airport worker, then worker gets fired! A local hunter, who we are currently on the hunt for, had a little delay getting his hunting dog back after an airport worker in Reno, Nevada refused to put it on a plane back to Corpus. After disagreeing with her supervisor about the dog airport police showed up and called an animal welfare agency who took custody of the dog. After being nursed back to health the dog was returned to our local hunter. Now the hunt in on to find this scumbag and bring him to justice! As soon as we get his name and address we will publish it so people can tell him personally what they think of him. Perhaps a visit to check on his other dogs will be in order by local authorities. Stay tuned.


Legal troubles in the news for November as 12 more people were evicted from Crane's Landing apartments. A local attorney with the initials KH and his wife were sued for what we assume are unpaid student loans owed to the National Collegiate Student Loan company. And Freddie Martinez Sr., the former owner of Freddie Records which he previously gave to his son and had part of the company file for bankruptcy as well, has himself filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Moms and daughters in the news a lot recently and it's not even close to Mother's Day. First an idiot mom in Massachusetts looking to be a model gets contacted by a perv named Joshua Dunfee. He promises her and her 10 year old daughter a free trip and photo shoot to Florida, but first he has to evaluate the daughter nude. The dumb mom forces her daughter to strip down on Skye. Twin sis finds out tells an aunt who then contacts police. Dunfee facing federal charges and mom facing state charges. Attention models: if the deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is; just don't do it!

In other modeling news, a New York lingerie company hired a mother and daughter, this one of age, to shoot a lingerie ad. And yes we have the pics on this freaky one.

Oh no not again! Oscar de la Hoya is back in the news again following another drunken party in ladies lingerie! The cross-dressing, booze and cocaine party may cost him. He previously settled with a women over pictures of his cross-dressing ways for millions. In this current case a New York model partied with him and claims he assaulted her and falsely imprisoned her in his Ritz-Carlton hotel room. Although her claim appears a little shaky as published reports state she called her roommate to the party when the two of them locked de la Hoya out of the bedroom making him sleep on the floor. Regardless of any court case, he is going to have a tough road at home! See some pics but we warn you it's hard to look at, guys we added a little something extra to help you cope; photos

On a related note, the IRS has recently held that sex change surgery is tax deductible! But breast augmentation is not, sorry guys. Maybe someone should get the news to Oscar.

It appears that the Havana Club got some new owners, registered with the county and is now back in business! One of the new owners may in fact be the ex-wife of Paul Black who lost his building in a bankruptcy filing. Stay tuned to this drama.

What led to all this, read back story


In Texas news some Houston area cops are in hot water after one female officers sent nude pics to a male officers she was dating. Both were initially suspended when the department found out the two were dating because it is against department policy. The Male officer resigned from the force and then sent the nude photos of the female officer to the police chief. The female officer eventually sued the Chief accusing him of scattering the nude photos of her a desk while questioning her about her sexual relationship with the other male officer and asking intimate detailed questions about oral sex and where the two officers had sex. The photos include the female officer in front of a mirror in her underwear, another of her topless, one full nude and posed in a provocative position on a bed. Part of the female officer's lawsuit included allegation that the chief ignored the action of another officer who admitted to have sexual relations with a  17 year old high school girl the officer met at a DARE function! The chief stated those accusations were investigated and turned out to be false. The police chief in turn filed a defamation suit against the former female officer.

Texas teachers underpaid but oversexed with teens, the latest case coming from the Pasadena area where a female gym teacher age 26 had a lesbian affair with an 8th grader age 14. The two exchanged 22,400 text messages and 2,400 phone calls over an eight months. They engaged in sexual activity in the gym teacher's office and a locker room storage closet. Over the past year a teacher in Wichita, TX was arrested for an improper relationship with a 16 year old (Oct. '11); a teacher arrested for "sexting" with a student (June '11); a female teacher arrested for an "orgy" with 5 male students (May '11) also note that the 5 males were 18 or older however still students at the school and the female teacher has 3 children and a husband serving in the military, on duty at the time; Two teachers in the same city arrested for improper relationships (May '11); and finally another teacher arrested may be pregnant with a students child 9Nov. '10).

Here's one for animals and the people that love them: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has files a lawsuit in San Diego, CA for intelligent mammals that are enslaved and mistreated. This particular lawsuit is against the barbaric practices at Sea World locations across the country. At issue is whether these smart creatures are protected under the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The case probably won't last long but it's a start and a victory to just get people to recognize the horrific conditions these animals live under.

Prostitution "ring" busted by CCPD, well 2 ladies were arrested and 3 others were sent back home to Amarillo where they are all from.

Taking a look at criminal indictments from earlier this month we noticed there have been a lot of bad people in Corpus ranging from "continuous sexual abuse of a child" to 6 different people indicted for aggravated sexual assault of a child" of those 6, 2 people were a couple charge with 9 counts each. Unbelievable how sick people can be; of course the usual drug possessions cocaine, heroin, marijuana, DWIs assault on public servant, prohibited substance in a correctional facility (that guy screwed up) and of course your everyday "abandoning a child" charge.

In other disciplinary news, the City of Corpus and CCISD paid their own fines to the Texas Dept of Insurance - Workers Comp division. For the month of September only the City paid $1,000 for failing to timely pay an injured employee and failing to accurately submit medical bill/payment data. The CCISD was fined $15,000 for failing to accurately report electronic billing data.


Cha Cha Events of Flour Bluff is now closed after stiffing customers of deposits. Leza Chandler, the owner of Cha Cha, has apparently skipped town and is in Florida based on local news reports. Last we heard some 17 complaints have been filed against Chandler.


This past week recently released felon DMX gets picked up for speeding, will it be speedy return to jail? Girls Gone Wild Joe Francis got a little too wild and was arrested for False Imprisonment and Assault.

The week that was: George Lopez got his talk show cancelled and his last guess is expected to be Eva Longoria, what a shocker; Jennifer Lopez aka JLo is returning to American Idol with a big payday that got the other judges, well, wanting a bigger payday; the so-called "jeopardy burglar", the women found in "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek's hotel room, turns out to be a prostitute although not for Trebek, she herself says "I'm not a criminal, I'm a prostitute"; heart attacks rejoice!, the deep fried Monte Cristo sandwich is coming back along with Bennigan's restaurants, the chain is re-opening 5 locations in Austin, some in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, but not yet returning to Corpus Christi, aw :(

According to TMZ in Los Angeles there is a lingerie basketball league and Jenny McCarthy's sister, Jo Jo, plays in it. Jo Jo played ball in college and while she does not have Jenny's body the faces are similar. Regardless, women playing sports in lingerie is worth checking out. See the video on TMZ.

Radical radio personality Jim Lago resurrects ghost from the past by bringing up former Ingleside Mayor and convicted murderer Mark Crawford, who we believe is the father-in-law of local lawyer Thomas J. Henry. Henry we believe is married to the felon's daughter Azteca. It's the third such marriage for Henry after two previous ones failed. Total number of kids outstanding is currently unknown. Hope he can keep up with all that child support!


Safe-sex campaign features a pair of frustrated musical testicles: Rusty and Vern's Blue Ball Blues

D-list celebrity from MTV's Jersey Shore to be in Corpus this Saturday from local media report

Miss Delaware Teen USA resigns after alleged porn video appears on internet

Sony television developing tv show based on USS Lexington, could that lead to local filming?

Nicki Minaj tweets some hot booty photos and tells fans to...

Could Corpus get a high speed train?

Frito-Lay to announce 3 finalists for new chip flavor, see the full size photo

Kim K divorce turns nasty, again, wonder why?

Breastfeeding moms protest Hollister stores in Texas and nationwide

2013 starting with a Bang! Kim K prego with Kanye's baby! And Hugh Hefner gets married for real this time to playmate model Crystal Harris

Myspace Tom Twitter fight

Eagle grabs baby video

 Axe morning after pillow, when you just got to get away (video)

Evelyn Lozada of tv show Basketball Wives poses for PETA

Esquire tv channel coming soon?

When are Senior Photos way over the top? Wait is she prego?

PSY's anit-U.S. past comes back

Ghost elevator prank video

The Facebook "boobs" photo everyone is talking about

Local man tries to make his own drive thru... at a strip club!

TX resident Sandra Bullock goes full nude for Chelsea Handler (video)

Joanna Krupa for PETA ad shoot gets a little, well actually a lot hairy (video)

local pin-up group 361pinups.com has photo banned from Google+ for being too hot! You be the judge, did Google overreact? Leave comments on our Facebook page

Our 361 Hotties page officially launches soon but you can submit your favorites now, your friends may be on it already, maybe even you!

Fetish models are all the rage now that Mel Gibson and Stella Mouzi confirmed their relationship. And Corpus has their own fetish/alt model group, Destructive Models, for those that are interested. In other modeling news, we will be launching 361 Hotties page soon and we are looking for those good looking girls and guys that you think are hotties, so email us the pics, web links or add us on facebook and let us know who in the 361 are the hotties people should see!

Our 361 Hotties page officially launches you can submit your favorites now, your friends may be on it already, maybe even you!

Rihanna too sexy for this company? And survey says take your mistress to one of these hotels

Bayfest owes how much?!

Kristen Stewart, director Rupert Sanders, Robert Pattinson, and Sander's wife, what do they all have in common?

 Mr. Jefferson has moved on up to heaven! Actor Sherman Hemsley has passed away today.

 Are you a "mother F...." a billboard in CA seems to think you might want to

 Dark Knight, Dark Tragedy as shooter kills 12 people at a midnight screening of the Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Co.

 must be election time, the Democratic primary run-off heats up with DWI video

 And the highest paid female on TV is...

 strippers in the news a lot this week

 CNN host and reporter Anderson Cooper comes out saying "I'm gay"

  ESPN reporter and host Erin Andrews leaves for Fox Sports, hosting a primetime college football show starting Sept 1st

Guys everywhere rejoice! Published reports are stating Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing!

Speaking of hot chicks our 361 Hotties page is  officially open so you can submit your favorites now, your friends may be on it already, maybe even you!


the Kim K divorce Kalamity!

U.S. Supreme Court drops the F-bomb!

  "Let's get busy!" Arsenio Hall returning to t.v.

new Adidas shoes include shackles, racist or hip you be the judge and at $350 will you buy them?

Rodney King found dead

 "Octomom" makes porn shoot debut, and yes you will actually want to see this

  This is one very strange video clip, check out our videos page

Cobra Golf and Puma create the Ferrari golf collection. A must see and must have 

23 people between the ages of 17-21 were arrested at vacant house party on Santa Ana and their names are...

Time magazine current cover causes a stir

Breast feeding baby too much for American consumers? See Oreo ad from Asia...

our friends at New2sports.com are reporting that former NFL player Junior Seau is dead at the age of 43. He played for the San Diego chargers. Police investigating as possible suicide.

Oprah's boyfriend in Corpus? And will there be anymore Kardashian shows?


361etc business news headlines: nude maid service; do reality stars really make millions?; Howard Stern loses Sirius lawsuit

  Flour Bluff bully story makes national news headlines; And did we locate the first published photo of the so-called "wolf pack"

 I can quit you, downtown business moves to the southside

Father of Flour Bluff high school football player arrested after fighting with kids at anti-bullying rally

Need a job? What's your BMI?

Do you know this person? CCPD wants to know and will pay you...

26 year old woman demonstrates what not to do when paying a court fine at the police station

People can now email inmates in Texas prisons

Trump and the tranny, the Donald allows transgender contestant to continue in the Miss Universe ...

speaking of tramps, TMZ is reporting that Levi Johnston, former boyfriend and fiancé of Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin, has gotten another girl ....

Corpus area pin-up group got dirtied...

Speaking of hot chicks our 361 Hotties page is  officially open so you can submit your favorites now, your friends may be on it already, maybe even you!

LA coroner gives findings on Whitney Houston's cause of death: drowning in addition to heart problems and cocaine in her system.

A second update, the Denver Broncos trade QB Tim Tebow the the NY Jets for a 4th round draft pick; pretty sad, but hey he still gets his millions!

Update: Peyton signs 5 year deal worth $96 million. Do you think his health will last the full 5 years?

361etc sports has learned from our friends at New2Sports.com that Peyton Manning has chosen the Denver Broncos as his new team.

Spring Break 2012 had a rough start after club parking lot fight on Monday, 5 min later 10 people began another fight; also at this same club a group of girls fighting and hitting each other with their high heels; a big beach fight Tuesday and drunk dude jumping out in front of police car and dancing...what happened and who go arrested go to News

Corpus Christi officially has a new police chief, so maybe now the CCPD can update the area prostitution list, which hasn't been updated since Aug. 2011

In more nude photos news, allegedly leaked nude photos of tv show Glee star Heather Morris ...photos

Snooki now confirms she is pregnant and engaged to her boyfriend. In more prego news, Jessica Simpson did a nude cover for Elle magazine and her nips are popping just like her stomach is about to...photos


Pfizer drug company recalls 1 million packs of birth control (get details and brand names here); with life comes death "Soul Train" creator Don Cornelius found dead, apparent suicide.


The rumor going around among Corpus teens that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are both prego is not true. They are both however on the cover of Teen Vogue.


Are Twinkies going away for good? Are the C.C. Hammerheads heading for trouble? Find out now in News


Well honestly we had hope to avoid this deadline but Russell Brand has filed for divorce from Katy Perry.


According to our friends at New2sports.com reports indicate the LA Lakers have traded Lamar Odom to Dallas. Can we expect a Kardashian "Dash" store in Dallas now?


Corpus makes national news again after a Reno, Nevada airport worker refuses to send sick hunting dog back to local hunter... go news


Bombay Lounge hosting an annual lingerie/pajama party which helped make a local congressman's campaign popular. Hope everyone goes out and gets your picture taken so someday when you run for public office we will have those pj pics of you!


Legal troubles including evictions, bankruptcy and a student loan lawsuit for a local attorney, former record company owner and residents of an apartment complex. Go news

Near riot at a Wal-Mart in Arkansas on Black Friday, but none of that here in the Coastal Bend. There were a few line cutters at Toys R Us when they opened at 9 on Thanksgiving night, but officers were quick to set things straight.

Speaking of toys, have you seen this years popular Hot Wheels Video Racers? It's a small race car that contains a micro camera inside and records the race on the tracks. It can also be mounted to anything to record a kid's travels.

Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car - Red  


Dancers from Houston based Rick's Cabaret have formed their own basketball league due to the NBA lockout. See the girls press conference photos (some may be NSFW)

Moms and daughters in the news recently and it's not even close to Mother's Day. Go news


The Associated Press is reporting that Demi Moore has confirmed she is divorcing Ashton Kutcher. This after recent reports the two stars were hanging out at a secluded home owned by Demi's ex Bruce Willis to work on their problems.

Oscar de la Hoya in the news again cross-dressing in women's lingerie.

It appears that the Havana Club got some new owners, registered with the county and is now back in business! Read more

Houston area police battling each other over nude photos, sex allegation with a 17 year met at DARE Function and defamation of character. Go to News

In less than surprising news Kim K files for divorce.

And in other business news it looks like India's Reliance Industries will not be buying San Antonio's Valero Energy.

And Bank of America makes the right call, has decided to cancel the proposed $5 fee on debit cards.


Texas teachers underpaid but oversexed with teen students read more in news


Here's one for animals and the people that love them: animal group files 13th Amendment  lawsuit for enslaved and mistreated mammals. Go to news for more info


Speaking of sexy, have you seen some of our local girls of the 361? Check out 361pinups.com


Prostitution "ring" busted by CCPD

The City of Corpus Christi and CCISD pay fines


Male cheerleader in Alice gets kicked off squad after kissing a boy. Who reported it? Only the video cameras following students around.

Speaking of cheerleaders, in Gilbert Arizona the local high school cheerleaders have been banned for breast cancer t-shirts that read "Feel for lumps, save your bumps."  See pic


Havana Club and 500 Bistro closed down. Is it the same event as Cha Cha and Two George's? Find out in News

Cha Cha Events of Flour Bluff closes after possible scam... more info

Two George's restaurant closed after owners scam customers; possibly skip town. Read more


Beyonce announces she is... news

GGW Joe Francis and DMX both get... news

John Mellencamp's divorce from Elaine Irwin is complete but after reviewing her modeling pics we are still surprised...read on


The week that was recap includes George Lopez, JLo, Alex Trebek, and an old favorite the Monte Cristo sandwich read more


This past Friday on ABC Network's Good Morning America show east coast viewers got to see a little but more of Nicki Minaj than they bargained for, just a little slip of the nip


  ok first we have lingerie football and our local group C.C. Mermaids, but now in L.A. they have lingerie basketball. How soon before this comes to Corpus? Read more


  Shocking couples news!


  radio guy Lago brings back memories of murderer Mark Crawford


  JLo a little exposed in Germany; Tila Tequila over exposed, well she's ok so we posted

Lingerie football coming to Corpus? Read more


Closed down! The popular Havana Club and 500 Bistro have been closed and locked up recently. a dispute between local owner and a Houston based property management company. It all links back to the bankruptcy of a local oil and gas businessman. The club owner, Toby Shor, was a partner in a group that owned the building before it went to foreclosure. Unable to bid for the building she took over the club and restaurant. Unfortunately the building was bought and now the doors are locked. Shor states she received a low ball offer for the club and restaurant from the new management company and also a letter from the bankrupt businessman's wife asking for some pricey furniture and other items she claims belong to her.

Speaking of wives, we generally do not get involved with political issues but could not resist this one... Gov. Perry's wife claims the other GOP presidential candidates are beating up on her husband because of his faith.


Local restaurant Two George's is closed due to an ongoing investigation about addition charges on customer credit cards that were not authorized by the customers. Several people have filed reports such charges to Corpus police. The investigation of credit card fraud is estimated between $3,000 and $8,000.


From the MTV VMA's Beyonce reveals she is prego, we assume with Jay-Z's baby.


Shocking couples news, well sort of, JLo and Marc Anthony are splitting up. We anticipated this would happen a long time ago, but then the kids kept on coming. And all the happy interviews on "Extra" but finally it has come about. They married in 2004 and have a set of 3 year old twins.


C.C. Hammerheads better take note, lingerie football may be coming to Corpus! The C.C. Mermaids are being established and quickly gathering followers, at least online. Tryouts seem to be off to a slow start. We have noticed tryout times early in the morning 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. on a Sunday. We don't think many of our local girls will get up that early to tryout. But we do wish them all the best and hope a league makes it to Corpus soon! To find out more about lingerie football and all football leagues visit New2sports.com


update on Kardashian Kard kalamity, the Kardashian sisters who pulled out of sponsoring a high fee, high rate credit card have won the lawsuit against them. In more Kim news, the guy going around accusing her of cheating on her fiancé is now saying he made the story up. Is she going to sue him now? Stay tuned!

Kardashian sisters Kim, Khloe, Khortney and their mom Kris Jenner were all sued for $75 million dollars a credit card company claims it has lost or will lose from the family backing out of the Kardashian Kard program. The prepaid card launched just 20 days ago and geared towards teens comes with some high fees, some say hidden fees as well. The sisters claiming they knew nothing about the fees decided to do the right thing by removing themselves from this type of scam. Unfortunately the card company, Revenue Resource Group of Fresno, CA., sees things a bit different and has filed a lawsuit claiming the company will lose $75 million dollars without the Kardashian name backing. Meanwhile the Attorney General of Connecticut has stated there may be an investigation of the MasterCard backed debit card.


More on the Eva Longoria/Tony Parker divorce, appears that hubby Tony may have stayed and worse yet with a former team mates wife! As this is going on the "other woman" is moving out of her house and getting a divorce.

Eva Longoria files for divorce! Was local t.v. station Channel 3 lied to by her or her people? TMZ reported yesterday that Eva was getting a divorce from basketball player husband Tony Parker but Ch. 3 stated on their news that TMZ was wrong and indicated that Eva stated she was not getting a divorce. Ch. 3 said TMZ later retracted the story. However this morning TMZ is again reporting Eva filed divorce papers and they have the filed papers to prove it. Looks like Eva wants spousal support from Tony. Our guess she sees her tv career going away. Not surprising when she appears on stage at awards show in a ham costume.


Watch the red, lights that is, Nueces county officials vote to deny car registration for any unpaid red light camera violations. Also want to expand program for other outstanding fines.


  TX DWI going DWAI? TX politicians debate creating Driving While Ability Impaired to get people who test .05 to .07 current DWI law is .08


Chuck E Cheese on Staples applies for Beer and Wine permit, Really? Yup, come on in watch your kids play and get drunk. Then drive kids home drunk. Good job!


Judge bans nude dancing in San Antonio, guess more dancers will be visiting the Coastal Bend


Glee's Lea Michele and Keri Russell shoot semi-nude photo shoots for magazines (See pics)


We are ok with Tori Spelling and loved Farrah Fawcett, our hometown girl, but Tori hearing from Farrah from the grave is a little too much


The week that was: Corpus Mayor brought to tears at council meeting after new city manager explains corruption in city government; Blake Lively nude pics, is it her or is her her twin? Actress claims pictures are fake, you be the judge; Kim K.- Oh no she didn't!; Lady Gaga still No.1 in album sales but that didn't stop Beyonce from going topless to try to help her album sell; Speaking of topless, the movie "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" may have pulled a first with a visibly topless movie poster

Need a new job? Just want a lot of money? Well if you are 16 and pregnant MTV is holding casting calls for you or just strike up a Twitter conversation with a Congressman and become famous overnight. Six women including a porn star, a Nevada blackjack dealer and a single mom from Texas have released info of Twitter messages, photos and phone logs to ABC News and TMZ. And although we think all women in Texas are beautiful, this single mom is one Hot MILF!

Did someone get plastic surgery? Pic Well getting paid $250,000 to promote teen abstinence while being a teen mom can sure help pay the medical bills

Corpus Police conducting license checkpoints all weekend. Zero tolerance on insurance, your car will be impounded. Tow fee: $153.30, storage fee: $21.65 per day, good legal help: priceless!

Gas prices high locally and so it appears is the prostitution. Several local "pros" arrested last week and at least one well known repeat offender. Visit CCPD website for list with Pics! Only be careful what you wish for when you look at these pictures. We warned you!

Vanessa Hudgens back in the news, yes of course there are more nude photos, but she also shot some fashion looks you gotta see! (photos)

We tried to avoid it but it's too good when you combine Charlie Sheen and Live Nation together, you get Charlie on the roof of building holding his sword!

Lawsuits, lawsuits...

Eva Longoria sued for $4 million related to bankrupt restaurant;


oh Christina! pics surface of Christina Aquilera and oh wow they show...


Glee's Lea Michele has us ready to go back to school with her recent GQ shoot, see full size pics in photo gallery


Are you a Krisbian? Kristen Stewart gives her thoughts during an interview with MTV


TX DWI going DWAI? TX politicians debate creating Driving While Ability Impaired to get people who test .05 to .07 current DWI law is .08


Chuck E Cheese on Staples applies for Beer and Wine permit, Really? Yup, come on in watch your kids play and get drunk. Then drive kids home drunk. Good job!


Judge bans nude dancing in San Antonio, guess more dancers will be visiting the Coastal Bend


Glee's Lea Michele and Keri Russell shoot semi-nude photo shoots for magazines